Why we need that better stadium
Photo of the SEA Games venue in Clark, Pampanga, Philippines (CTTO Rising Philippines)

Online jokes have proliferated about how one senator was embarrassed over his less than truthful accusations concerning the southeast asian games venue and the preparations for this event in the new clark city in Pampanga.

Cauldrons aside, the real issue is about whether the expense for said new sports facilities is justified, and whether we should spend properly for our athletes. Contrary to the assertion of some quarters, we should.

Deepening the discussion, allow us to first raise the issue about the fact that the alternative venue, and often used one, is the near century old Rizal Memorial Stadium in Malate, Manila. Constructed before World war 2, it was an impressive, modern art deco structure in its day with facilities whereupon our national athletes train.

Sadly, years of neglect have allowed this, and our sports program, to fall into both despair and disrepair. While recently renovated and made "drop dead gorgeous" as a new article puts it, many of its facilities were designed for a time before international standards came into effect. It is a good venue for concerts. Do these adverse commenters they prefer we use an old stadium and facilities for modern training?

Besides, the Manila traffic it will cause is well, horrendous.

Frankly, Clark will be a better place for such events. It will also spare us in metro manila the traffic jams thst accompany such events.

Moving forward, our athletes deserve modern sports and training facilities. Other countries provide such means that enable their athletes to perform well. We ought to do the same.

Likewise, our growing demands that we showcase our new found capabilities, as proof of pur will to deliver necessary reforms and programs. Recycling old stadiums only mean we are not ready for thr e world.

Recall the 1988 Seoul olympics where the modern sports facilities were first showcased- it showed people a new, modern and prosperous South Korea.

We believe the Clark stadiums will do the same. With that, we wish the games all the success.