Are Manila`s intellectuals trapped in their comfort zones?

Photo: The thinker at the gates of hell , at the Musee Rodin (wikipedia)

Most of Manila's intellectuals like us are media animals going around in circles
Lets face it. You and me, we belong to manila's elite circles. We hang out in cafes and like to talk politics, the kind that is in government, and within our offices, our circles.
Three things characterize us.
One, we love intrigue and find the intrigues about people, well, intriguing. Thats why we love mainstream media. It likes to focus on people and how they live their lives, or should lead their lives, or how far away from our own beliefs and ideals  their lives are lived. 
Little wonder why we love listening to Kris Aquino despite our secret disdain for her and what she represents. 
These pursuits occupy our time, much of it we waste anyway on our cellphones wondering about what other people think, or think about what we think. 
Second, numbers bore us. We cheer positive results if those achieving them agree with our politics. Otherwise, we scoff at them, throwing the proverbial baby with the bathwater. Despite robust economic growth, we would rather believe loose opinions that our economy is going to the dogs because it fits our politics.
Third, it bothers us when people, especially our friends do not agree with us. We worry about their divergent views and hipe they they will eventually see OUR light and how correct we are.
Such a mindset, we know is not a very positive or productive one, but we wallow in it anyway.
Because in the end, we like thinking in circles, going around in circles, and talking about things that matter to our circles.