You can`t put ex soldiers and "probinsiyanos" down

The controversial statements of Senator Richard Gordon about the President being from the provinces and therefore having limited networks and capabilities hence his reliance on former military men got a solid rebuke from President born and raised in the provinces.

Gordon`s statement was a clear putdown of two kinds of Filipinos: those from the military and those from the provinces.

A graduate of the Ateneo fe Manila High School and the University of the Philippines Diliman where he was a member of the illustrious Upsilon Sigma Phi fraternity, Senator Dick Gordon served as Olongapo mayor and Subic Bay chairman, he therefore exemplifies the guy who got into all the "proper" networks of power that enabled him to move in and out of corridors. His being close to Americans is no secret. He has American blood after all.

He does, however, belong to a generation that regarded provincials as a breed apart, or should we say an inferior breed apart from the manila bred like he was. Thus, the remark was not surprising.

Neither was the rebuke.

It comes from a resurgent class of Filipinos from the provinces living and being socialized in a reality where the old beliefs that they should regard themselves inferior no longer hold.

It also comes from a probinsiyano president who is unafraid to call out even his friends like Dick Gordon. Photo: ctto