OPINION: Calling people stupid for their electoral choices is a feudal attitude

Surprisingly, feudal attitudes persist among many Filipinos. This was demonstrated clearly in statements made by supporters of losing candidates in the aftermath of the recent midterm elections in the Philippines.

Generally speaking, a feudal attitude is one where a person expects others to follow the way of thinking he or she wants to impose on others. It goes back to thise feudal epochs in history where in many European countries, kings ruled with divine right alongside their church leaders. Ever wonder why the bishop has more power than the knight in the chessboard?

Worse, many feudal thinkers look down upon others and always expect them to toe the lines and ideologies they believe to be right.

With the exchanges we see from supporters of losing candidates in the recent midterm elections, that not clear enough? Many cannot accept results, or do so with a grudge against voters who voted another way.

A real democrat respects choice and the outcomes of those choices, be they not aligned or even opposed to their own. The elections of 1992 saw us elect a plurality president in Fidel Ramos, yet all others who voted otherwise respected the outcome. Have many regressed since then?

As a democrat, i will let you be the judge.