Winning the referendum and the challenge that follows

President Duterte himself affirmed the observation of political analysts in ambush interview that this elections are a referendum on his administration. Should majority win, as analysts claim, his administration would be affirmed.

Winning almost all Senate seats, the affirmation for the Duterte government is clear.

Nonetheless, our elections are welcomed with victory for some and frustration for others. Pepper that with accusations of fraud and you have elections as they are- full of sore losers.

Seeing through all thst noise, what matters more is the challenge of ensuring implementation of the landmark reforms and ensure the gains obtained in the first term of the Duterte presidency.

These include expanding the TRAIN Law to lower taxes for small businesses, higher budgets for Mindanao, the benefits for farmers and improved agriculture under the rice tarrification and free irrigation laws, easier business from the Ease of Doing Business Law.

Add to that universal health care, the Bangsamoro Organic Law, and free state college education and the Build Build Build.

There`s something for almost everyone in the country.These are all game changers that will bear fruit only if the congress will exercise its fiscalizing power to get the slow bureaucracy moving to implement these vital reforms.

Other reforms are due for the next Congress: strengthening the clean water act, empowering regions, putting better teeth against insurrectionists and destabilizers, lowering restrictions on foreign investments.

Its time to get to work. Change must continue and endure.