Mindanao History & "Literatures to Film" Summit in Cdo
Photo: From Right: Capitol University Vice President for academic Affairs Dr Amor Torres; Historian Dr Juvanni Caballero; writer/Convener Dr Christine Godinez Ortega; filmmaker Gutierez Teng Mangansakan II

The first Mindanao History & Literatures to Film Summit will open on May 9, 2019 at the Capitol University in Cagayan de Oro City. The two-day summit is hosted by the Mindanao Creative Writers Group & its Multi-Media Arm and Capitol University.

An expected 25 Mindanao historians, writers and filmmakers will strategize the use of significant local historical events and Mindanao heroes and the works by Mindanao’s writers as subjects of short films, animation or as documentaries for the planned Mindanao Film Fest in February 2020. The film fest is deemed a biennial event.

Participating Mindanao historians Dr. Juvanni Yahya Caballero, Dr. Jamail Kamlian, Dr. Rudy Rodil, Dr. Faina Abaya Ulindang and Dr. Servando Halili will determine which Mindanao historical events or ethnic groups have not been included or glossed over in Philippine history books as well as new researches about local heroes like Sultan Qudarat, Datu Ali, Amai Pakpak, Datu Bago and heroes during the American and Japanese occupations and about the early missionaries of Mindanao to be featured in the short films, as animation or as documentaries to be shown during the film fest.

Works by Mindanao writers such as their poetry and fiction will likewise be tackled as possible subjects for the short films or animation to include Mindanao folk materials such as epics, legends, and other narratives. Other possible subjects for the films are cultural practices and rituals, traditional dishes and native attire from the lumad and Moro groups.

Summit Convener Dr. Christine Godinez Ortega would like scripts to be written in Sebuano, Mindanao’s lingua franca or in the ethno-languages with translations in English.

Trainings and forums on screen writing, film production and management will be launched in September this year while guidelines for the film fest for Mindanao’s filmmakers will be released soon.

Some of Mindanao’s filmmakers are attending the summit like Gutierez ‘Teng’ Mangansakan II, Genory Vanz Alfasain, Bagane Fiola and Kissza Campano and other local filmmakers from various regions of Mindanao.

The prize-winning short films will be shown to local universities to popularize locally-made films to also promote understanding and peace among Mindanao’s diverse peoples with the participation of the MSU-IIT Institute for Peace & Development in Mindanao.