OPINION: Did the IBP debase itself?

With the "Bikoy" press conference all over the news perhaps the two major takeaways are these:

The fact that this real Bikoy was smoked out after the owner of the website that contained his video was arrested shows a desire to conceal his identity, and perhaps, protect the real intent of the video, which was to damage certain reputations rather than reveal "the real war on drugs".

That this Bikoy is a real conman with a track record of doing so forms part of the public's judgment of him and his video is clear. It is more damaging to the political opposition that raved over and promoted, and later disowned the video. That much is clear, and expected of a political group trying to win votes in the coming election. We will expect them to run from this and claim no knowledge. If they do try to protect him, it will be a political downfall as well.

The second takeaway is the real odd part- his useless " testimony" and the way that it demands attention by way of a Senate hearing where he may seek some form of immunity to protect him from prosecution for acts such as cyberlibel, and where he will probably point an accusing finger at someone else for asking him to do the video.

So much fluff from a conman seeking attention, and a forum.

The worst of this episode is what it has done to the host of this press conference where this conman sought attention - the Integrated Bar of the Philippines, that supposedly politically neutral organization of the country's lawyers that allowed its conference room to be used as a platform to spread these apparent desires to seek public attention.

Has the IBP debased itself for allowing Bikoy to use their office for his presscon? To be fair, the IBP never claimed him as a client. Nonetheless, its a worthy question you as a reader can answer.