Those among you with Netflix ought to watch its latest documentary called Street Food. It is 9 masterfully prepared episodes focusing on a particular Asian country's unique streetfood dishes and the stories behind the inspired people who make them.

Unlike other "food shows" it gives streetfood -  the food consumed by majority of urban asians, its rightful place in our consciousness. Streetfood is our food.
The biggest takeaway from the series is how the streetfood vendors and their patrons recognize good food and the need for variety.
This salute shows the deep culture in streetfood that many of us often ignore by featuring how the cook's creativity and love for the craft of cooking differentiate their dishes from your usual barbecue.
After all, we can't eat the same adobo forever. We are hardwired to seek variety for our bodies to obtain the varied nutrients without which we cannot thrive. The series shows how variety is achieved. 
Like a book you won't drop, i recommend this for everyone who believes food is culture, and that asian food deserves the attention it is getting from the rest of the world.
John Carlo Tria typifies this century's multi-interested individual: he writes regular opinion columns for the Manila Bulletin, Iloilo's Daily Guardian and the Edge Davao. He also manages a group of businesses apart and serves as Executive Vice President of the Davao City Chamber of Commerce.