Social media helps the "non-Manila media"

Time was when the media as we know it was dominated by the major players in minstream media - abs- cbn and the Philippine Daily Inquirer were the major outfits without which a press conference would not start.

Public Relations practitioners doing press relations work would consider it a badge of honor for these major players to attend their events. If they do not attend, the media work is considered a failure.

Big outfits have no problem attracting advertising bookings, bloating their pages with ad content, to the chagrin of everyone else seeking a piece of the budget of large companies such as the telecom, beverage and food giants.

Nowadays we notice just how thinly these once powerful "national" newspapers have become, and are not surprised at just how few people bother to read the print edition of these dailies.

70 million or so Filipinos, about three fourths, are on social media, and a good number of these now claim to get their news through such platforms.

While is has not been good for these once influential media outlets, the other smaller publications, and yes even community or "local" media outfits now find themselves with a national audience, projecting the once ignored concerns on a larger stage.