OPINION: Why "emulate" Vietnam and Malaysia when they also have claims against our territory?

Frankly, i dont get why the entire caboodle of pseudo international relations experts on Facebook seem to want us to believe that both Malaysia and Vietnam are countries to "emulate" in light of their supposed "assertiveness" against China`s South China Sea ambitions.

They point to Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamads supposed "advice" over borrowing from China, a country that holds merely 1% of our total debt.

They say Vietnam asserts via its Navy against Chinese vessels.

The fact is that both these countries still claim parts of the Spratly`s. A graph from VOA news shows the overlapping claims these countries have with China, and our own country.

Moreover, Malaysia in particular, still holds on to Sabah, that contains almost half a million Filipino citizens.

Looks like people are misleading us about these two countries.

Those that keep pushing this hackneyed narrative of "emulating" these two countries have a lot of explaining to do. Graph source: Screenshot from VOA News