OPINION: Did Sara just turn the tables on the opposition?

Her 1 is to 8 dare is amusing, but pregnant with meaning.

Coming after a rather controversial statement about how honesty should not be an issue in these elections, Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte now turns the tables on the opposition.

After the Commission on elections junked the opposition position to an official debate, she now comes to offer a platform they is salivating to stand on- a debate.

Lets see whether they accept her challenge. The problem though, is that Vice President Leni Robredo`s own response to Duterte`s statements may make the debate a difficult one for opposition candidates.

After opposition leader Vice President Leni Robredo responded to Duterte`s statement by saying how honesty should matter in these elections, she held a mirror against the faces of her own opposition candidates. Can she now claim that they all exhibit the virtues of honesty she herself held up? Can they all prove her her correct?

This debate dare now draws them to delve into the murky waters where they may be forced to justify views and past actions to compare with their platforms or promises. All 8 "otsodiretso" candidates cannot claim to be fully honest. Many of them have skeletons they would like to keep in their closets. They will fail to live up to Leni Robredo`s own high "standards" and expose themselves to voters who will judge them harshly.

How they respond now to the challenge of Inday Sara Duterte will determine whether they are authentic, real, or "honest". Do i smell a trap?

Photo: edgedavao