BOL and the win for political will

Photo: a peaceful village in Lanao del Sur. Reside td of this and other bangsamoro provinces recently ratified the Bangsamoro organic Law

In Mindanao the Bangsamoro Organic Law (BOL) was soundly ratified by majority of constituents.

It is an unprecedented feat, given the recent Marawi conflict that displaced thousands and the cultural objections of many of Manila`s elite who seem to scoff at any notion of Mindanao autonomy and federalism, for which the BOL is deemed a test case.

Recall that the previous administration failed to bring the previous Bangsamoro Basic Law to fruition, to the chagrin of many armed secessionist groups that continued to wage conflict against the government. The support given by many of the once critical and cynical muslim groups is a change from the old partisanship and tribalism that characterized babgsamoro history.

With the ratification of this important law, it seems that change has come. The challenge though, is in undoing the governance issues left behind by the old Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao(ARMM)

Nonetheless, the BOLs ratification shows that political will is in place, and the capability to surmount politicking to get beyond the pain and get things done is the new order of the day.

There is a time for everything so says the good book of Ecclesiastes. Its a time for will. That will has won once again.