On the latest remarks of Jose Ma. Sison on the BOL plebiscite
Photo: President Duterte being greeted by MILF Chair Al Haj Murad

Communist Party of the Philippines Founding Chairperson Jose Ma. Sison is once again talking nonsense by engaging in a delusional analysis on a political event that further exposes his blissful ignorance.

We are amazed at how the media is giving his obnoxious rantings such undeserved attention when they litter the news with vexing irrelevance. The voters will ratify the BOL, as we hope and expect, not because of vote buying and presidential coercive influence, as falsely claimed by Sison, but due to the electorate`s belief that its ratification will yield the long desired growth and development that remain elusive in Mindanao.

Salvador S. Panelo Chief Presidential Legal Counsel & Presidential Spokesperson