Why we are so taken by Catriona Gray

Catriona Gray burst into our consciousness like an eagle who set her sights on and prepared well to win the objective.

Her walk and twirl, the attire she chose all were results of rigorous, careful preparation and study, and an internalization of a whole package meant to convey a message beyond simply looking and feeling good. The core of the message: she is a Filipina and proud of every bit of it, and every part of the islands and peoples she represents. These include the indigenous peoples, slum dwellers as well as the countrys glitterati.

This makes her a force of womanhood, artistry, beauty and inclusivity- at full power.

Is this why are we so taken by her? There is more.

She is well spoken, multitalented and down to earth. The athlete and singer exhibits qualities of a heroine and role model honed by loving parents who raised her to a woman fulfilling her fullest potential.

As she basked in her Ms. Universe win, she earned her own share of brickbats from certain quarters deemed envious of her triumph, and questioned her ideas and expressions. They tried to bully her.

Yet she never dignified any of them. A true queen of the people whose reservoir of love and compassion surpasses any desire to be petty.

This shows a heart full of love for this country and its people, especially the least of her brethren.

That mix takes the average pinoy by the heartstrings any time. That combination makes Filipinos proud of her, and of themselves. Photo: CTTO. Artwork artist unknown