Andaya`s response hurts GMA

Last Friday, Former Budget secretary and Camarines Sur Congressman Rolando "Nonoy" Andaya Jr. "rebutted" current Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez about the latters referral to the botched ZTE broadband deal as a scandal, and an example about how projects with foreign support should not be done.

While Andaya may have intended to show that his former boss Gloria Macapagal Arroyo was clear of any wrongdoing in the said scandal, or downplay it altogether, the sad fact is that Andaya`s response only refreshed the memories of many about how the ZTE scandal went down to define a big part of the Arroto presidency.

The fact is that Dominguez did not mention the Arroyo presidency by name. It was the media that did, linking her to the scandal.

Andaya fell into the trap of deepening Arroyo`s association to a scandal that she should avoid in the first place.

Thus, now that fresh discussion on the ZTE scandal has emerged she and Andaya would do well not to respond the way they did.

In todays amped up political discourse, sometimes shutting up is better than speaking out. Thats something Andaya ought to learn.

Being tainted with scandal is like having "whiff" of corruption. As both Andaya and Arroyo are set to end their third terms next year, cabinet positions are rumored for them. Looks like the scandal of ZTE may make certain people reconsider appointing them to such important posts . Photo: Wikipedia