Photo of a retirement and turn over ceremony of ex military personnel

There is nothing wrong, and a lot of good in appointing ex military personnel into the civil service.

Why not hire them to work in government? Did we as taxpayers not pay for their education- 4 years of expensive training at the Philippine Military Academy, and for many of them, post graduate studies at prestigious and rigorous institutions like the Asian Institute of Management?

When they retire at the ripe age of 55 or 56, you can bet that many if them are healthy and smart individuals at the top of their game, they know their limits and can calibrate themselves well with the right amount of verve and energy needed for challenging positions. A good look at many large Filipino corporations will find many ex military personnel among their key executives.

Former military men and women know how to deliver. They won Marawi and Boracay, and many other small battles for reform in many staid and hapless bureaucracies. Every time they enter agencies, they know how to shake things up and drive change within. Many politicians, especially the boisterous ones, do not make good bureaucrats.

Besides, why not shake things up? We voted for a government premised on strong political will to carry out reforms and we believe we have it. Truth is 3 out 4 Filipinos agree with the direction of the country, and approve of the President- and approve of the needed shake-ups. We expect no less than action and results. We believe ex military women and men can deliver.