With thousands running for office who says democracy is dead?
Dozens from mainstream media cover the filing of candidacy of Bong Go for the Senate, accompanied by President Rodrigo Duterte

More than 100 candidates for the senate, among them farmers and public utility drivers, 94 Party List Candidates and thousands of others flocked to offices of the Commission on Elections to file their respective certificates of candidacy.

A good number of those reportedly seeking senate slots have decided to seek local positions.

In thr 2016 elections, the presidential debates helped us make our choice, with the survey cellar dweller catapulted to the top choice in a matter of two months. That was the crucible through which the candidates were judged. Jejomar Binay and Grace Poe suffered their meltdowns after poor debate performances. Of course, Mar Roxas and Miriam Santiago`s numbers barely improved.

After 2016, the era of more pragmatic politics has begun, with smarter choices being made on where to run, and more crafty strategies for victory expected in this age of citizen driven online media engagement. The old formulas of looking and sounding good on the stage and mainstream media will no longer work as well as it used to. People are more engaged on issues, have a better feel for economic numbers , and therefore, expect a better set of plans and proposals than the usual.

Now, who says democracy is dead?