For our childrens sake, please modernize our public transport system
We have heard it more than once- that truly developed countries are where the rich take public transport.

Yet for the last 70 years we have seen our public transport system degenerate from the once efficient Tranvia in Manila to the smoke belching jeepneys and buses of today.

Up until 2016 franchises of these vehicles were illegally traded like cattle to the highest bidder with former Land Transportation Franchsing and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) allegedly taking big cuts out of this sordidly corrupt trade, which would jack up the "price" of a jeepney franchise to as high as 200,000 pesos, worth more than the value of the vehicle itself. Whatever money is used for greasing certain palms could have been used for jeepney improvements. But, more questions jog the mind and memory: Is it true that certain trasport groups were on the take on these transactions?

All that, while traffic got worse and the quality of the ride even more. The quality of life of the average Filipino lowers with every hop on and off these smokebelching rustbuckets that cause 70% of Metro Manilas air pollution, causing untold unhealthy misery for millions especially children.

With proposals for mass transit systems in major cities like Cebu and Davao and the upgrade of PNR Lines, proper maintenance of light rail systems and a Japan funded subway for Metro Manila, and the upgrade of jeepneys for feeder routes, the hope of better transport for the ordinary Filipino may just come true.

For our well being and our childrens health, It is time to modernize our transoort system, please.