A Resurgence of Involvement

This month marks the first year of Resurgent, the online magazine published by a band of not-so-young idealists from Davao City. When we started out, the Internet had long been saturated with an entire universe of websites, blogs, and interactive platforms; we had very little expectations. At best, we thought, Resurgent would whet our personal appetites for self-expression, nothing more than a bedroom diary with contributions every now and then from like-minded friends.

But the response from people we knew and did not know from Adam was encouraging. Long essays, short articles, even photos poured in. Authors took on a disparate range of issues from the Presidency to the economy, from illegal drugs to export crops, from foreign relations to street theater, from choral music to chic dining, and from Federalism to terrorism. In a span of a few months, Resurgent emerged from an obscure page to an online destination for literary non-fiction.

Curating the articles was a pleasure. The discipline that went with it allowed us not only to marvel at the authors’ reportorial skill, but to reflect on their own desire to articulate their thoughts. As the articles kept landing onto our desks, it became more and more evident that there was a rekindling of interest in the human condition, a resurgence of the spirit to be involved once again, to be part of a larger discourse on today’s state of affairs. It was like regaining a voice long lost to collective indifference.

As we move forward from hereon, we take stock of the multifarious challenges confronting the nation. Poverty remains a telling fact in not a few provinces. Corruption, although fought today with more teeth, remains entrenched in many layers of the civil bureaucracy. And extremism, it now frightfully appears, is amongst us for the long haul.

But hope proverbially springs eternal. Beyond the incessant debates over fake news, approval ratings, and foreign bank accounts are stories of accelerated infrastructure programs, more accessible public education, quantum efforts in support of OFWs, and other such unheralded items buried in the back pages of the nation’s broadsheets. Mindanao itself, long relegated in the backburner of history, is poised to fulfil her promise as an economic powerhouse and a true gateway to the world.

Trying, yet exciting, times we’re in. And in the middle of it all is this, our Resurgent voice.