As this celebrated case has hit its second week in our collective consciousness a deeper truth about the unfortunate death of Kian de los Santos has emerged. Tne images of characters joining his funeral procession only uphold it.

No, its not the findings of the 2 autopsy reports pointing to him dying from bullet wounds.He clearly did.

It is the circus that ensued. To the wake of the 17 year ran former Vice President Binay and a host of personalities with their own celebrated skeletons seeking to whitewash themselves. Left groups and petty poiticos also joined the fray. Did they just turn the wake into a laundry to make themselves look clean?

This just deflated a big balloon of belief by many who initially saw Kian as a murdered innocent. As this controversy began, the packaging of Kian by certain media outlets was clearly noticed, portrayed like an innocent sheep slaughtered by wolves dressed like policemen.

After a week, the grime left by the politicians only stained him. Thus, the attempt to make Kian look like a martyr against the drug war has not taken root. The political dirt made that difficult.

Set against the sick backdrop of the political circus and media feeding frenzy, the bigger picture reminds us of a larger reality that druglords have their way of taking advantage of situations. Just ask those seeking a softer approach to drugs.

Worse still, was the subsequent Senate investigation fed the doubt, as the taking into custody of witnesses by Senator Risa Hontiveros and the questioning of Senator Drilon of the opinions of one Prosecutor Darwin Canete only led us thinking thst the efffort to suppress the facts has taken an uglier turn.

We maintain that only a full proper investigation under the proper authorities will settle the perceptions and arguments. Only this will bring out the truth. Hontiveros and Drilons suggestions to have other special bodies investigate his death will only make it more doubtful. Were the three cops responsible for his death ordered, or paid to do so? Who ordered them? What exactly are Drilon and Hontiveros trying to hide? 

May whatever investigation force us all to take only a deeper look into the culture of the drug business, the structures within the law enforcement establishment that sustain and promote this evil. Only this will satisfy a a populace hungry for truth. Heads must roll, however bloody they will.

Kian's death was after all, not in vain. His ghost will haunt not only those who killed him, but those who are diverting and confusing the investigation into his sad, grisly death, and turned his wake into a laundromat, and a circus.