Yes we must never forget Marcos,` Martial Law. The abuses of a runaway bandit- infested military sear the soul and leave us with a bad taste in the mouth, flavoring our long sense of distrust of government.

Accounts of martial law abuses fly in the face of Juan Ponce Enrile`s attempt to whitewash his own role in history.

The abuses were real.In an earlier article in this publication, Greg Castilla writes:

"The arrest of a friend was always emotionally and mentally taxing. When three of my colleagues, Rolando Federis, 24, Flora Concepcion, 18, and Adora Faye de Vera, 16, disappeared on their way to the Bicol Region on October 1, 1976, the harsh reality of Martial Law hit me like a sharp knife scraping my spine. We knew each other and I was worried that I could have been implicated. I became more security conscious. Later, I learned that Federis and Concepcion did not betray anyone and they paid for it. They were killed by their military captors after they were heavily tortured. De Vera, who was repeatedly raped by her captors, was made a concubine by the military until she was able to escape."

What vexes me no end is the mind of a brutal abusive soldier. Empowered by a warped sense of what is right, he will turn his back on his taxpayer funded training and use his gun to take personal power over people his mind deems evil.

Having friends tortured during martial law, and soldiers as well i try understand the mind of military abuse and brutality. In the years that followed 1986 the various right wing attempts to grab power reminded me once again of this brutal mindset- where power emanates from a gun barrel, and democratic processes are sidestepped.

I saw this brutal abusive mind in Antonio Trillanes in Oakwood in 2003, then in the Peninsula in 2007. Despite all the fanfare, he is as brutal and shameless as the worst of the Martial Law henchmen. He took his guns and took hostages, in a mad shortcut to achieve a power emanating fron this brutal sense of superiority over all of us.

Thats how i see Trillanes and every rightwing military effort to grab the power that rightfully belongs to us all.

Photo: PNA