Realpolitik: Why ouster plots will fail

The statements of key Armed Forces officials alleging destabilization plots grabbed headlines last week. I expect them to say as much, as their mandate is to guard the Philippine state from all enemies foreign snd domestic. Intelligence assessments are always conservative- hoping for the best, expecting the worst. Preparation regardless of outcome matters.

While i respect their asesssments, i believe the brouhaha being raised by government detractors about destabilization plots is overblown- by the detractors. They keep sharing social media posts that only achieve one thing- self aggrandizement to mask their actual weakness.

This tendency to selfpromote is not new. Look back at the years to see how they try to hog the headlines to achieve some sense of importance- all to keep government in the defensive and their material interests promoted.

They raise the stick of destabilization using coup plots and push terroristic acts mainly in Mindanao, that had partly kept that island underdeveloped compared to the rest of the country.

Isn`t it about time the Philippine state is treated beyond simply being a monkey of interests that often threaten its expulsion?

Past governments were "elite monkeys" Past governments were often subject to the whims of the elites who often raise the stick of destabilization when they fail to get the concessions they demand. These same elites who now bristle at the fact that their words and demands no longer have the same power they used to wield. Their call for massive protests end up with the same dramatic handful.

Are they trying to prevent a better way of supplying food? Are they preventing lower power rates from happening? As these teo major commodities remained expensive under them in the past 30 years, it is clear that new proposals making headway are something they do not want to happen.

Left and Right are now marginalized While it is tempting to listen to these people, the realpolitik of the month is that for the first time, enemies from both the left and the right are kept far away from making any real headway in their designs to cause destabilization.

Even suspected efforts from foreigners are in check. The meeting between US Ambassador Sung Kim and his reiteration of the "ironclad" relationship with the Philippines serves as a sign that his country will not publicly challenge the Philippine government. It now seeks a higher level of normalcy with the Philippines given its need for support in killing North Korea`s nuclear program. If America is quiet and so will all others, the EU included. Europes fortunes in Asia will depend on how western influence is maintained. What little US influence remains needs to be sustained to assist them.

The Philippine left is all but marginalized out of their own miscalculation, with a reputation less than ideal having been in power in the first years of thr Duterte administration, yet failing to achieve the impact expected of them.

The resignation of Liza Maza of the National Antipoverty Commission was barely felt. Any statements made by them now no longer get the same attention they used to. The main force they can claim to retain is in Mindanao where the president remains popular and where many of their top leaders remain srving in the Duterte government

The rightist putschists, are obviously trying their best to justify themselves as court proceedings continue after allegedly failing to provide documents that show real amnesty granted to them. That is a real theat to their continued existence snd viability as a political force.They will be hard pressed to push any agenda if they are frozen in jail.

Government is obviously three steps ahead of all of them, as they fall into the traps of their own making

All these destabilization plots are doomed since their viability for success is questionable at best.

Elections are the only real way anyone takes power in this country. Peaceful transitions are the only way forward if indeed democracy is to be defended and upheld, and economic growth is to be sustained. This is a message democrats need to internalize. Photo: PCOO