OPINION:Has Trillanes threatened Alejano`s senatorial chances?

Being once in progressive movements i never took kindly to military extremists like Antonio Trillanes.

Like Spain`s Franco and Idi Ami I never trusted them and always saw them as fascists and opportunists.

Thus any idealism bruited about by them is usually lost once power was tasted. We discovered for instance, how after 2010, the once heroic and idelistic magdalo plotters all found juicy positions in the Aquino government, with morbid stories of their own corruption that nobody today sems to want to talk about. They lost credibility.

Be that as it may, the current imbroglio Trillanes finds himself in is of his own making.

This is because the amnesty he claims is at best doubtful. Does he really have the right documents to legally cover his amnesty? News reports from the Inquirer (https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/1032234/trillanes-could-not-find-copy-of-his-amnesty-application-form-lawyer)how he admitted that he could not find the documents showing proof that he applied for amnesty.

Can this invalidate the Voltaire Gazmin certification? We`ll let the lawyers determine that.

What i could not believe is how a naval officer like him would be too stupid to lose the one documentary guarantee that he will not see jail for his crimes.

With this, his pale complexion and erratic body language may indicate a deep worry that may leave him sleepless. Like he knows what he lacks and dreads the day that this is discovered. Is this the day?

The pressure may weigh even more heavily now that a battery of lawyers will assist him. In my experience, The less documents and evidence you have to defend yourself, the higher the lawyers` fees.

Then there are those who opine that he now has achieved Presidential Timbre with all the attention he has received.

I beg to differ.

He has only stolen attention and momentum away from his anointed successor Gary Alejano. The more he rants the greater the possibility that an Alejano run for the Senate is not a confident one.

Alejano thus remains in the Trillanes shadow, at a critical time when his name and reputation ought to outshine Trillanes. Alas, Trillanes stole, and still steals the show from him and will remain so for so long as Trillanes keeps talking.

Meanwhile, his rants get personal, indicating he has less and less of a case to defend himself. He is swimming around his fishbowl, going nowhere but down as he justifies and defends his weak case against poasible jail time.

All this publicity would have been useful if he has the chance to run again, but having completed his allowable terms as a senator and having no legislative district or city to possibly win and lead, he has nowhere to run.