Why Revoking Trillanes` amnesty is a game changer

Photo: Senator Antonio Trillanes


From 1986 we have always had this love affair with coup plotters and their adventurist exploits, seeing that they often bring idealism and commitment to what many deem a heroic cause.

 In the years after '86, we have seen several uprisings that led to the popularity and eventual ascent of their leaders to positions in government. 
Often they were given slaps on the wrist. 
Remember their 20 push ups in 1989?
Moreover, Gringo Honasan, Danilo Lim, Red Kapunan and the Ramboys were rewarded with positions of power, even elected them to the Senate.
And the coups and other similar things continued..
The next wave of coup plotters like Antonio Trillanes and his Magdalo boys were rewarded with a Senate seat and a party list slot. 
After getting their amnesties in 2010, many of their comrades found themselves in plush government jobs during the Aquino administration, allegedly in the Customs Bureau and PDEA.
The role of these putschists in the country's history, however has given us three unintended consequences: the weakening of our constitution and the rule of law, the near breakdown of discipline in the ranks of our uniformed personnel, and the everpresent threat of military backed destabilization that gives a pall of constant political instability and wreaks havoc on economic growth.
Acceding to their adventurism, granting them amnesties letting them in government has become a sort of recurring play: Use your guns and bullets, take hostages and wreck a hotel and get elected to the Senate or negotiate jobs for your comrades.
Did the gripes they complained about ever stop?
Essentially, this military adventurism is an ugly shortcut to popularity and power using taxpayer funded ammunition, materiel and logistics. It is opportunism at its best.
Subverting mandated political processes and institutions, they behave like warlords brandishing their arms, often rattling sabres when things do not go their way. Does Constitution allow this? 
It looks, however,  like we have.
It is bad enough that the military and police already inherited the bad wrap from the martial law years, corrupt behaviors would often surface alongside this adventurism and opportunism.
The recall of the amnesty is a sign thst once and for all, this bad behavior, adventurism and opportunism should stop. By itself, ending this is a game changer.