The hypercritical few, the "MEMA"

Edwin Lacierda coined the term "hypercritical few" to describe detractors who never seem to be satisfied with any presidents actions and words, results or achievements.

Filipinos have, since then evolved a word for it:" mema" or memasabi, a pejorative description of a small class of people engaged in almost unnecessary chatter just to be able to express themselves on any subject under the sun.

On a deeper, psychological level its objective is to gain enough attention to remain important.

This desire is even more acute now that the public is more interested in politics and policies, their attention divided, catching up with the pace by which their social media feeds spew new posts meant to rile up emotions and attract responses.

With this, the effort to be noticed, heard and taken seriously by a fickle public is more pronounced. This has evolved into a subculture that all the more is aggressive, and emotional.

The pitfall of course, is that the lack of logic makes them careless and eventually leaves them exposed. Moreover, they shift from issue to issue depending on what fancies them. The lack of inconsistency reveals an insincerity as big as their ego.

The truth about the "mema" is that they will never be satisfied unless they take the spotlight. Their ego must always win, logic and truth be damned.