The "Glenn Chong hearings" and LP`s Hubris

In the greek context hubris refers to arrogant behavior that defies the gods. In the Filipino context it describes a hard fall from an exalted place.

Either of the two descriptions now describes Leni Robredo and her allies after the controversial Senate hearing on alleged electoral fraud.

From a once reluctant congresswoman with a flair for showing herself as simple and unassuming, Leni Robredo has succeeded in bumbling and stumbling on many of her words, and in the words of many of her own townmates, used by others to put forward a difficult candidacy that as expected, failed yet again.

She has graduated from that to a supposed unifier of a political opposition, which, sad to say, failed to capture the imagination of the public despite two years of political noise making, face shaming and self promotion as legitimate, deserving and decent.

This facade continues ti crumble in a big way yesterday in the Senate as once hushed allegations broke into the open, and inconsistencies were revealed showing vote counting machines actively exchanging data days before the election when they were not supposed to.

This therefore adds to earlier findings about wierd results like zero votes for certain opponents obtained after an audit in certain areas and the infamous soaking of election returns inside ballot boxes.

All these lend credence to the suspicion of fraud by the Liberal Party.

With Chongs revelations, these have gained even more credibility.

In the end, hubris is not whether candidate Ferdinand Marcos Jr. can gain enough votes in the recount to win, it is the belief that the supposedly "decent" liberals cheated.