With AMLCs denial, the Ombudsman is left pounding the table

Lawyers often tell us this joke: If the facts are on your side, pound on the facts. If the truth is on your side, pound on the truth. If there is nothing on your side, pound on the table. The revelation about the non-existence of the alleged AMLC (Anti-Money Laundering Council) documents purportedly containing information damaging to the president proved to be a dud when the latter denied furnishing Deputy Ombudsman Melchor Arthur Carandang with the information.

Understandably, the OMB kept its silence on the matter, and tried to save its face by making public statements at the President it wants to investigate- something it should not do. Curiously therefore, many mainstream media outfits pitch this as an Ombudsman vs. Duterte battle.The question though, is: is there even a fight? Without these documents there doesn`t seem to be any.

Why? The legitimacy of the AMLC documents being disproven, the Ombudsman will need to maneouver to redeem itself from the initial fracas by proposing other information to justify its investigation. It will try hard and will need to show it is trying its best. It will need to shore up what is left of its credibility. Unlike previous investigstigations on the late Chief Justice Corona and former Vice President Binay, the office has not been able to find any evidence - it only relied on documents provided by Senator Antonio Trillanes and other sources that remain unverified.

Did the Senator lead the office towards a blunder? Having lost steam from an unexploded bombshell, the OMB is now hard-pressed to the point of making public statements to titillate public imagination to keep itself, and its credibility, intact. Like a lawyer without a case, it is left pounding on the table.