Why CnT is Cebu`s finest lechon
Yes, i disagree with Anthony Bourdain` s choice of the best lechon.

But not because what he said was wrong. All other lechon brands in Cebu, from Talisay to Carcar are worth the trip. But there is a special reason why i believe CNT is Cebu`s best lechon.

This is because CNT goes beyond the salt lemongrass and the aroma commonly found in Cebuano lechons.

There is that hint of anise and other spices that grow on you with every bite. The pig is also evenly seasoned, making the flavor penetrate the meat rather than concentrate in the belly. Thus, when served a plateful, you are assured that the batch given to you represents the pig. No special parts needed.

The ambience of the branch we tried (SM SEASIDE) gives you an exhilarating view of the Mactan channel and SRP Road, and the slow construction of the new Cordova bridge linking the south of Cebu City with Mactan and the New International Airport, the gateway for millions of foreign tourists that land on this impressive city every year.

As the City opens its doors even more widely to the world, its lechon will claim its rightful place among Asias best dishes, a good reason to visit.

Bourdain was right in many respects. Cebu and its lechons are the best pigs ever. CNT stands above the others.