A walk through our new Museum of Natural History

Photo: The impressive facade of the Museum faces Luneta Park

Image: The "Tree of Life is an impressive structure in the atrium of the museum that greets visitors with its size, showcasing Filipnio design capability. Note the banners showing the tarsier

A visit to the newly opened Museum of Natural History leaves one with a sense of renewed awe and pride at the capability of Filipinos to appreciate our own natural history, resources and diversity. Located on the old Finance Building (eventually renamed the Department of Tourism) at the end of Luneta Park along T.M. Kalaw in Manila,

Image: Visitors admiring the Displays of marine and estuary environments

It has something for everyone- the student, the kid, the artist and the nationalist. Within it walls are various floors showcasing static and interactive displays of the unique flora, fauna and natural history of the philippines, including current research on the subject done by the government.  In the main spacious atrium is a hge metal structure called the tree of life, that holds up a skylight ceiling. In the three interios walls hang massive banners showing a Philippine Eagle, A tarsier and a Tamaraw- endemic species tht have become symbls of national pride, and reminders of our fragile ecosystem. 

What ws unexpected was the crowd. Thousands fell in line to enter the museum. After all it was Sunday and visitors can enter free. (see photo below)


Image: The Sunday crowd waiting to enter the museum 

The heightened interests of people from various walks of life and their awe at the displays tells you that the appreciation for our natural wonders and resources is not dead. Truly, this is a must see for those visiting the capital. We learn a lot, enjoy and come away with a sense of renewed pride in who we are.