Independence Day and the rise of the "Probinsiyano"

For the last two decades, June 12 was celebrated as a promotion of the central governments idea of a nation.


Promoted by its media institutions, Manila`s elites from both left and right of its political spectrum, always defined Filipino independence and nationhood as Metro Manila phenomenon.


Sadly, this happened while the rest of the country remained poor and excluded from whatever national economic growth was achieved. "Probinsiyanos" were left out.


In a recent article, (, we saw how income inequality is so wide and biased for Metro Manila and its nearby regions, with family expenditures of Mindanao residents not even half of their Metro Manila brethren based on the 2015 Family income and expenditures Survey.


But that seems to be changing. Recent data from the NEDA notes that the regions far from Manila are experiencing 2017 growth levels that exceed the nations GDP.


Cordillera`s Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) Growth Rate of 12.1 percent; Davao Region, 10.9 percent; Western Visayas, 8.4 percent; SOCCSKSARGEN, 8.2 percent; Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM), 7.3 percent; Cagayan Valley, 7.2 percent.


The rise in these regions are worth noting for two reasons: they are far from Metro Manila and Central Luzon, and they surpassed our nations 6.7% GDP in 2017.


This independence Day we reflect on these emerging facts, celebrate the rebirth of the "probinsiyano" and rise of the rest of the Philippines.