Bamboo Big Bike founder has eyes on e- jeeps
Photo: The Meepney aims to be a "necessary complement" to other transport modes

After his Green Falcon bamboo motorcycle became a viral sensation in the Philippines, Banatti founder Christoper Paris Lacson has his eyes set on pushing alternative modes of transport for the Filipino riding public.

His proposal, called the Modular Energy Efficient Portage System or "Meepney," is a patented, electrically powered, low floor platform passenger transport system designed to be able to accomodate various types of portage uses, wherein the battery modules are conveniently located at the sides of the vehicle for easy charging or replacement.

A video detailing this system can be viewed here:

Lacson is hopeful that the Meepney System will change the way public transport is done and is a " necessary complement" for routes in support of other proposed transport systems.

“Our goal, God willing, is to transport Filipinos in a dignified, clean, safe, evnironment- friendly affordable transport system that is easy to maintain and operate," Lacson said....

He added that over the years we have seen how jeepney routes and their volumes have to work. "We can make this way of transporting safer and cleaner, the low platforms, clean and safer models will allow lolas and kids, both rich and poor to use it safely and bring dignity and civility to transporting our people," he said.