From a `whiff` came a bang

We saw it coming. 

Last friday's presidential admonition in Davao for public officials to resign before getting fired could only have been ominous. 

The clamor of many quarters, even of the President's detractors, for the head of Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo got stronger after her brothers reportedly agreed to return the P60 million they allegedly earned from her department's advertising budget.

Despite the DOT reporting two million tourist arrivals in the first quarter, a milestone that tops last year's record arrivals, the 'whiff' of corruption was smelled by many, and her difficulty in explaining the return of the money, and the corollary discovery of her husband's appointment as TIEZA director under the PNOY administration while serving as Landbank director fueled speculation over other alleged improprieties. Did this propel the Palace to launch its own investigation after the Commission on Audit released the findings over the ad placement?

Did the President talk to her and ask her to resign? Who knows? From announcing that she had the presidents trust days before, a sudden resignation after a one-on-one session says a lot.

Those occupying the Malacanang of today now do their own review, and the President now exrcises that prerogative to fire those who serve at his pleasure, as he did for several of his previous appointees. 

At first, some balked at his actions, calling them capricious, given how this was never exercised in the same magnitude by his predecesors. 

In PNOYs time, the sacking of a weather forecaster over an alleged false report stirred controversy in social media, with many chiding the former president for not giving the official a free pass. Who else was fired in the past? We don't remember. 

But we digress.

What does this all mean? 

We now have a President who will not hesitate to fire the errant, and relieve the malfeasant, stir the pot and ride the dragon of public opinion to compel his people to act properly and deliver results ... or else.

The people's expectations over his government's performance and delivery of results is made stronger with every official relieved, and every controversy settled. 

From the whiff came the bang. Will there be more to come? We'll find out soon enough.