CHIAROSCURO: Descallar brings light

You may recall the famous paniting called Digong Decuatro. Based on an Edwin Tuyay photo, the portait of President is the work of Davao-born and based painter Daryl Descallar. It It now hangs in Malacanang and may very well be his official portait.

Chiaroscuro is Descallar's first solo exhibit with several impressionist paintings displayed at the lobby of the Marco Polo hotel in Davao until April 22.  Each painting is inspired by a bibical passage, effectively adding a mental image of the verse.

A graduate of the renowned University of Sto. Tomas College of Architecture and Fine Arts, Daryl almost lost  his sight to a rare disease. After decades of work in advertising, he returned to painting, turning out a nice volume of work in watercolor, oil and pencil sketches.

Photo: Fearfully and Wonderfully made


Noteworthy is "two edged sword", dinspired by Hebrews 4 which features a Mindanawon Kris which betrays the artists roots. Another nice piece is Fearfully and Wonderfully made, an clever interplay of light and shade featuring a mother caressing her child against what feels like lamplight. Each painting brings you to a place where the artists feels the verse takes him. 


Descallar is a member of the Tabula Rasa group of artists based in Davao City. The group welcomes homegrown and migrating artists to build a home for their works. Already, the groups supports young artists from different parts of Mindanao, an island with a deluge of material drawn from ithe melting pot of culture. Their works are regularly displayed at a gallery at the Felcris Centrale, a mall in the city.