BOC: 12 ports exceed March revenue target

MANILA -- Twelve out of the 17 ports have exceeded their collection target for March which contributed to the 0.6-percent increase in the revenue performance of the Bureau of Customs (BOC).

According to Commissioner Isidro Lapeña, majority of the ports recorded a surplus in their collection despite the two non-working holidays last month.

“Based on the initial report from the BOC Financial Service, a total of PHP45.412 billion revenue was collected,” Lapeña in a statement Tuesday.

Lapeña said the amount surpassed the PHP45.133 billion total revenue target for March by PHP279 million, which is also higher than the total revenue collection in the same period last year amounting to PHP38.11 billion.

The 12 ports that exceeded their revenue collection for the month are:

  • Batangas – collected PHP11.542 billion in revenue, 10.5 percent up against the PHP10.449 billion target;
  • Limay – collected PHP2.896 billion in revenue, 5.5 percent up against the PHP2.746 billion target.
  • Cebu – collected PHP2.189 billion in revenue, 7.6 percent up against the PHP2.034 billion target;
  • Davao – collected PHP1.755 billion in revenue, 21.1 percent up against the PHP1.449 billion target;
  • Subic – collected PHP1.655 billion in revenue, 1.9 percent up against the PHP1.624 billion target;
  • Cagayan de Oro – collected PHP1.625 billion in revenue, 27.4 percent up against the PHP1.275 billion target;
  • San Fernando – collected PHP278 million in revenue, 13 percent up against the PHP247 million target;
  • Clark – collected PHP154 million in revenue, 29.8 percent up against the PHP119 million target;
  • Tacloban – collected PHP68 million in revenue, 241.6 percent up against the PHP20 million target;
  • Legaspi – collected PHP22.10 million in revenue, 0.5 percent up against the PHP22 million target;
  • Surigao – collected PHP4 million in revenue, 262.7 percent up against the PHP1 million target; and
  • Aparri – collected PHP6 million in revenue, 37.5 percent up against the PHP4 million target.

Lapeña also commended the top performing ports and encouraged all ports to be on board and double its collection efforts to hit the target until end of the year.

Meanwhile, the following ports failed to hit their target collection:

  • Manila - collected PHP5.776 billion in revenue, 14.9 percent lower than the PHP6.785 billion target;
  • Manila International Container Port – collected PHP12.625 billion in revenue, 9.28 percent lower than the PHP13.917 billion target;
  • Ninoy Aquino International Airport – collected PHP3.094 billion in revenue, 25.9 percent lower than the PHP4.175 billion target;
  • Iloilo – collected PHP176 million in revenue, 27.8 percent lower than the PHP244 million target; and
  • Zamboanga – collected PHP700,000 in revenue, 96 percent lower than the PHP21 million target.

Though these five ports did not meet the target, Lapeña has recognized their contributions to the agency’s overall revenue collection.

On the other hand, the district collectors of these ports and others concerned will be eventually replaced in compliance to the earlier directive that district collectors, deputy collectors for assessment, chief of Formal Entry Division, examiners, appraisers, and other BOC personnel performing assessment functions will be relieved.

Meanwhile, Lapeña also reported that all 105 illegally released containers of ceramic tiles have been accounted for.

This after the BOC found the contents of the remaining 20 containers in two other warehouses also owned by Homms’ Trading Corp in Meycauayan, Bulacan on March 27. (PNA) Photo: Official Gazette