The plane verdict on budget airline food

Resurgent reviews your budget airline menu and finds delights worth trying.

Over the last 10 years, flying has become the preferred mode of travel for millions of Filipinos. Growing at almost 10 % per year, annual flyers have hit 22 million last year, double that of 2008.

With the Philippine economy continuing its robust growth, the increasing passenger volume prove that this mode is no longer the domain of the affluent. 

This growth has been helped in a major way by the rise of budget airlines. The no-frills, buy-on-board flying experience has democratized air travel, ensuring that everyone can now fly.

But what sets budget airlines apart from legacy carriers is that it gives the passenger more choices in terms of amenities and arrangements, even more diverse food choices that empower passengers to choose the food they want, and therefore add a layer of enjoyment to their travel experience.

With consistent menu offerings, these flights have turned their planes into restaurants offering unique menu items that are sure to delight, and do not disappoint.

Likewise, a growing number of frequent travelers have taken to the onboard menu to kill hunger and satisfy their palates. Once disdained as junk food, today's airplane food is seeing a upgrade, with budget airlines, curiously, leading the way by offering decent items worth a taste.

In this article we examine a few of these offerings.

Pak Nasser's Nasi Lemak

Air Asia's Nasi Lemak is about as close to the freshly cooked version as you can get. 

The anchovies and ground nuts are crunchy, the rice nicely steamed and the boiled egg isn't made of rubber. 

The sambal tastes like sambal and so does the meat. Whoever Pak Nasser is, he gets my compliments.

Spam Nori and the ham and Pork Floss bun

Cebu Pacific has new menu items like bam-i guisado, beef laing and other menu items that are impressive.

Both Cebu Pacifc and Air Asia have improved their food offerings, but most of the interesting ones are on a pre-order basis. It’s the ones available on demand that we reviewed. 

The Spam nori and Pork Floss buns are a delight, with full flavors of the fillings able to fill you up without tasting stale, as we would probably expect from bread stored in the rarefied air of an airplane cabin.

These offerings add zest and spice to what otherwise would be bus rides in the air. WIth food to enjoy, travel is less of a hassle.