Calling a spade a spade on the NTF ELCAC

In recent days some called for the defunding of the National Task Force to End Local Conflict for allegedly red tagging organizers of the community pantries.

One, taking issue with a label can actually affirm the label, and the name calling that can come with it. Its plain common sense. Even ideologues will and must agree with such simple logic. Those who are true to their calling to serve the people must never be afraid to be labeled. Crying foul over a label betrays a lack of commitment to whatever cause they claim to pursue.

Frankly speaking, I believe the National Task Force to End Local Conflict has done the yeoman`s job of implementing the long awaited and hoped for whole of nation approach, which is to go beyond armed engagement snd actually provide socio economic solutions in solving the communist insurgency problem- southeast asia`s longest -we must embarrasingly admit. Evidence on their success are the voluntary surrenders of many rebels in the provinces.

This shameful reality of continuous communist insurgency is a big stain on post EDSA governments that failed to eradicate a movement that has degenerated to a big extortion gang run by remote control from abroad- a bad mark on past goveerments that claimed to have "restored democracy". Had this been the case, such movements woild have embrsced society laid down arms. But no. They have not.

Thus it is time to ask hard questions:

Do democracies allow or tolerate movements that seek its destruction? That have succeeded in extorting billions and preventing countryside development, turning many provinces into basket cases and backwaters? Do we see such active armed groups among our neighbors? Lets ask the dwindling number who sympathize with them.

Perhaps its time we call a spade a spade on this moribund movement call them for what they truly are: terrorists and extortionists. Lets pray for its continuous conversion back into the folds of law and family.

It is time to choose. The NTF ELCAC deserves our support. The communist party and their minions do not.

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