Why the world is closely watching Trump`s surprising election performance
Photo: US President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence (wikipedia)

Its no secret that pre election surveys all consistently pointed to an average 7 point lead of Democratic candidate Joseph Biden. Thus, as vote results come in, the surprise (and sometimes disgust) expressed by commentators around the world is palpable.

The short answer to the title question is that the Trump constituency, the one to whom the economy and family survival matters amid this global crisis, is growing, whether we like it or not.

The long answer is that the western world, and many liberal politicians and constituencies in non-western countries are watching this closely simply because they would want to know if their model for liberal democracy (whether they accept this or not) is becoming less liberal than they are, and the worry they carry in their hearts is that this may embolden conservative political forces in their own countries.

With the surprising neck and neck election results with Joe Biden the barebones truth is that it may very well be the case.

In europe in particular, they all continue to grapple with new lockdowns due to a second or third wave of new COVID 19 cases, and deal with terror attacks such as those in Austria and France, it looks like an antiliberal constituency seeking law and order, with sone professing anti immigrant sentiment, has become stronger.

The world will continue to watch.