Why staying ahead of the curve matters more than flattening it
Screenshot of the Davao City CovID tracker. Due to the 70% recovery rate, Davao is one of the cities believed to have stayed "ahead of the curve" where infections remain low while the economy gradually opens up

With countries deemed "success stories" now on their second waves of infection and return lockdowns, perviously popular bywords like "flattening the curve" "mass testing" and "mass lockdowns" have become passe. Their desire to flatten their curves also flattened their economies. Their curves have begun to bulge again, bringing many of them back to sqaure one. Hopefully, they learned vital lessons they can share with us.

Here are sone of them:

They include "staying ahead of the curve" by keeping the economy "safely open", localized lockdowns and targeted test, trace and treat that is making more sense since it enables us to zero in on the problem areas rather than suspending everyone else with the economic impact of stoppages and slowdowns.

The challenge before all of us is controlling the spread of the infection to a level that it does not ovewhelm our health system. Thankfully, in many areas outside Metro Manila and Cebu, the need to build up systems with testing centers and more isolation facilities for the mostly mild cases have sprung up.

Many who kept hammering against governments for magic bullet solutions they believed were within reach. Sadly, they never could get past their emotions and thus, failed to see the logic and reality that this is a long war that may outlive many governments and can transcend into the next generation.

This is the war of our time. Being so, it requires that we need to work together to find solutions to the many problems spawned by this virus, such as finding ways to generate resources to fight it, balancing health and job growth. Being right and sounding smart means nothing when a war is being fought. Making things work amd working together to manage the infection and effects means a lot. Thats the first step to getting ahead of the curve.