"Selective" quarantine has arrived
The June 15 cabinet meeting where the latest quarantine declarations were announced

The Interagency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases has spoken and given its latest recommendations on the evening of June 15.

What do we make of the latest announcement?

For the first time we are seeing wide variations in the declaration. This addresses the rise in infections in specified areas areas like Cebu under Enhanced Quarantine while allowing others to relax restrictions and start opening up under Modified General Community Quarantine. This is no longer the "shotgun approach". It is selective quarantine.

These variations in quarantine levels reveal a more deliberate system of addressing the differences in levels of infections, such as densely populated cities that have more cases versus those of less populated local governments that have less.

The effect of this selective quarantine the economy will start moving especially in areas where there are very little infections and the local economy can safely reopen. This gradual opening in selected areas can help resuscitate the nation`s economy and create confidence where it can slowly take root, while allowing addressing the apprehension of many over opening up certain areas too soon.

Realizing that the pandemic will remain with us until a successful vaccine is developed, we can only hope that the recoveries continue to match, if not outnumber new infections, and that our health systems, as they have slowly be expanding, can manage new infections needing critical care.