America Boils over
Photo of the CNN coverage of the U.S. riots

Riots and rallies in almost all major cities. smashing and looting of stores. A police car driving into protesters. Mayors in frantic speeches pleading with people to go home. Curfews in major cities.

No, this is not some Third World civil war. Its the United States over the weekend.

The anger over the killing of George Floyd at the knee of a police officer in Minneapolis has aroused large pockets of violence.

But curiously, tje street violence and vandalism is committed by protesters not against government or police alone, but many other institutions including businesses and media companies such as the Cable News Network (CNN).

These activities say many are not supposed to happen as social distancing rules remain in effect in many U.S. cities.

These things, many others believe should not happen in the paragon of liberal democracy, open free expression, civil and human rights. The underbelly of racism and injustice seems to be bubbling, making 2020 america look like it did in 1968 when civil rights protests were rampant in many cities.

How this will end, whether this will fester further, and more importantly, why this is happening, is a question many can still not answer.