America, and the west is weak when it should be strong

DeaR Editor,


Just some thoughts on the United States and the global leadership role it should be exercising in he midst of this generational threat.

The US Governments decision to halt funding to the World Health Organization is a rash policy takes the cake, and reveals a strong disjoint with the rest of the world, a kind of dislike for others, a seflishness, if you will that began with its decision to raise tariffs during the US-China ‘trade War”, which already left the world economy weaker, to begin with, to face the current crisis.

Worse, it has to contend with federal and state disjoints on many issues like the availability of Personal protective equipment, testing and the decision on when to reopen the economy.

This set of blunders does not bode well for Americas mantle of leadership over western hearts and minds.

This, as the west grapples with the reality of the virus, its financial resources will be stretched and the limits of their economies will probably be breached. Already European politicians are arguing over the whether the Europe they built is a blood compact for eternity or a set of fair weathered friendships pretending to be a union.

Likewsie, the United states doesn’t look all that United to be frank. It is as divided as ever, where everyone with a brain seems to know better than all the other brains combined.

Sadly, they are battling an existential threat while questioning their own existence- the last thing any country, or anyone should do. Thoughts of a break up, of disintegration and defeat, should not stalk the mind at this time. Yet we are seeing it the their faces, and the face of many Europeans.


RIc Abando