As Asia unites, has the west faltered?

The sad turn of events in the unfolding aftermath of the COVID 19 pandemic shows just how fragmented western powers have become, in contrast to what looks like a seeming unity, or like mindedness among asian countries in their response to the crisis.

While asia dons their masks and hunkers down in their homes, the US debates whether masks must indeed be required in public and whether a national stay at home order is needed. The liberal media magnifies these conflicts to keep viewers glued to each of their versions of the "truth".

Sadly, statistics clearly show that the rate of the viral spread is faster in the west, exposing their vulnerable, aging population and unraveling their health systems to the ravages of this virus.

Their leaders are frantic to control the virus, protecting the nation`s financial system and government coffers from the resulting social and economic impacts from which it may take several months to recover.

The serious question is thus raised: Is western individualism slow to adapt to this virus? Has by eastern community oriented thinking quicker to respond and adapt?