The steady voice above the noise

Amid the cacophony of voices lurching at us as we sit at home watching the pandemic unfold, there are three voices that dominate: the noisy politicians trying to make hay of the situation, the self proclaimed experts with their quippy yet empty tweets, and the well meaning thoughtful people making their constructive suggestions- all whom claim their space as they battle for our attention.

Above the din and the cacophony of this fast-paced, "mediasplained" pandemic , Health Undersecretary Dr. Rosario Vergeire has calmly but firmly answered our questions on a daily basis, even apologizing on her agency`s behalf at crucial times ever since this crisis forced itself upon us.

This makes her that gravely important steady voice that we all need in a crisis, one that braves the criticism and opinions beyond those who try hard to be experts on how a pandemic should be managed.

This earns for her a place among the images that will form part of the collective memory we will retain of this terrible pandemic. Photo: PNA