How can you "sanctify" onerous contracts?
Photo of US military servicemen (Wikipedia)

It just boggles the mind that certain people would prefer to push the propaganda about "sanctity of contracts" on this Duterte government in its desire to review of onerous, one sided and disadvantageous agreements.

Many of these agreements, like the Chevron contract on the Batangas refinery property have us on the losing end. We pay our taxes to ensure that government gets the best lawyers and analysts to protect us from the foolery that some of these contract proponents foist on us as though We were dumb cattle or slaves. We expect them to work on our behalf and protect us from lopsided agreements.

The United States Visiting Forces Agreement, for one, is an executive agreement that many quarters have always thought unfair to us. It provides virtual basing and free access for United States Military for es in Philippine bases, and special treatment for US servicemen caught breaking the law on our shores. The Jennifer Laude incident ought to remind us of the disadvantage it forces us to swallow.

If the sanctity they desire is to protect the onerous and unfair arrangements these old contracts and agreements provide, then their credibility is lost.

Can we really sanctify and protect such lopsided and disadvantageous agreements? Of course not.