Broadly defined, onerous means being advantageous to one party at the expense of another.

The recent exposes regarding Metro Manila Water concessionaires, land leases and in particular the rental by energy company Chevron of the 120 hectare plant located on prime seaside government owned property in Batangas is onerous. At 10.66 million per year, the rentals paid by Chevron are far below what they should pay based on the fair market value of the property, which is estimated at a around 5 billion pesos. 

In Chevron's case, the rentals it pays us is way below what it should pay us. If the amount is adjusted to current fair market rates, the rental rate by now should be above Php 20 million a month, not a mere 10 million a year. We deserve to be paid more.

Based on similar contracts, to be renting out property at that value gives the lesee a great advantage, while being disadvantageous to the Filipino people. This disadvantage needs to be corrected by the government at the soonest possible time.