Joko`s Military gamble

The reality that international fishing fleets and naval vessels have been traversing the south china sea and international water bodies such as exclusive economic zones for decades. Chinese vessels are no exception.

To think that this is the first time such "incursions" are discovered is naive. They have been in and out of southeast asia for thousands of years.

Such is the larger historical context that envelopes the recent tough stance of the Jakarta government against Beijing.

With this in mind, Indonesian President Joko Widodo is gambling that a tough stance on the Natuna islands will create leverage with Beijing, to create the favorable leverage conditions that his Filipino counterpart, Rodrigo Duterte capitalized on with the Hague arbitral ruling in June 2016.

This leverage is what allowed investments and tourists from Asia`s largest economy to enter the Philippines, something Widodo has previously expressed some frustration with.(

Will his military gamble pay off? We will wait and see. Photo:wikipedia