The Philippines is an ally Washington cannot afford to lose
In the Era of great power politics it is clear that the once formidable United States is losing ground.

The various Asian powers now rising like China, India, Japan and Russia are now more influential players in the geopolitical landscape.

The recent trination summit between South Korea, China and Japan have formed a respectable front against North Korean nuclear ambitions, surpassing the US government`s own efforts that for many have looked like a means to shore up unpopular US President Donald Trump`s own ratings at home.

Moreover, in the aftermath of the US Trump trade war, China`s influence has been bolstered as scores of its companies expanded throughout Southeast Asia, including the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia to escape US tarriffs.

These facts serve as the backdrop in the escalation of the tensions between the United States and the Philippines began with the US government granting the legislative measure banning Philippine officials allegedly involved in "jailing" Senator Leila de Lima on drug charges.

The move is criticized as an overreach and interference in Philippine judicial processes even in the Philippines, where the US is viewed as a popular country.

In apparent retaliation, the Duterte admi nistration announced the imposition of visa requirements for US citizens the same way Filipinos are required to seek visas when entering the United States.

If it loses the Philippines as an ally it will only have Taiwan as a solid asian ally dependent on it for support, a country that enjoys no real relations with the rest of Asia.

This outcome may be viewed as a straining of relations the Trump administration cannot afford to allow in light of current impeachment proceedings against it, and a US election year coming..

The Trump administration has to show the American public that it can consolidate support from among its allies in Asia, particularly in the cold war it has waged with China. An inability to do so weakens its Influence and gives the political opposition important traction in the coming 2020 polls. PHOTO: CTTO