Poverty down=popularity up

It comes as no surprise that the latest pulse asia surveys reveal higher popularity of the president.

Whether we like it or not lowered poverty figures at 16.6%, lowered unemployment numbers at 4.5% will always be attributed as a victory of the sitting president. We can no longer attribute these good numbers to past administration`s efforts.

It looks like build build build, lowered rice prices and other economic reforms are having an impact on lowering the numbers of poor.

For context, it is useful to realize that among the ASEAN top 5 economies, which include us, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore, we still have poverty rates above 15%. Meeting Indonesia`s 10% poverty rates is still a challenge.

We hold on to the hope that this can be achieved by 2022. Our future growth and sustaining it will depend on how low our poverty numbers go. (Sceenshot of pulse asia table from PNA)