In stability we find growth
Picture of a sunrise in Davao.

7% growth in Mindanao over the last two years and 8.6 % growth for Davao is a good thing. It has become a dynamo of growth for the country. The higher this growth soars, the more robust the nation`s growth will be.

This growth we should pursue and broaden if we are to reduce poverty and unemployment further and help lift more out of poverty. Moreover, sustaining this growth will matter if Mindanao will live up to its promise and continue being the country`s major food source. A growing nation like ours will need more food.

In recent weeks we have heard the opinion of some in the police and military establishment making statements that Martial Law in Mindanao can already be lifted since major threats have been reduced. Business sectors such as tourism will probably welcome this outcome. We can expect more trade, tolurism and investment missions to visit Mindanao as a result.

This is why perhaps a lifting of martial law selective or otherwise, is warranted depending on further assessment of the police and military.

Having seen our growth, i believe that tough implementation of the law is important if peace, development and high growth is to be maintained and sustained. It is the bedrock of stability in an island that holds much promise and where threats to such almost been the norm.

In peace and stability we find growth.

Moving forward, we all need to work together to further spread the opportunity of growth by promoting our tourist spots, encouraging new markets for our food and related products, growing our digital economy, manufacturing and technology sectors and promoting business ties. This makes a stable healthy economy that can engage the world.