The Philippines wins as one

Now that fake news articles on the Southeast Asian games have been debunked, and apologies for spreading such false information issued, and a possible investigation after the games, its tme to focus on and witness the games, the athletes, and their efforts to compete and become better versions of themselves. 

The social media crowd itself corrected the fake news that had circulated, by encouraging those maligned and affected, such as the affected hotels, stadium owners and delegations to make their statements and share the information to correct the false information and the resulting impressions made as a result of the social media posts. The crowdsourced response to correct the earlier impression was heartwarming, to say the least. There was kindness and humility after the shaming.

This leaves two deep, and perhaps uncomnfortable lessons for us all.

First, we are reminded to verify before we post, and spread. This is especially when a reputation is at stake. This is critial for journalists who used social media posts ads the main content of their articles.

Second, our impression and regard for mainstream media will change. The flurry of apologies emenating from editors and reporters now encourages us to doubt them and their capabilities. These are the capital with which their calling as news and information providers is made. Lose that and it falls.

Nonetheless, after thes elessons are learned, and byhumbly accepting our mistakes and wishing each other well, we become like the athletes whose welfare we guard and whose desires for tiumph we respect. We too, become better versions of ourselves. We win as one.


Image: SEA Games Organizing committee;